Together with our clients we develop solutions to maximize energy-efficient and intelligent automation for buildings. In order to achieve this we not only consider the production of energy, but as well optimizing the storage. When circumstances allow we streamline across energy processing systems such as: heating, hot water, ventilation/aircon, electrical, solar systems, E-mobility and Smart Living.

Why we need intelligent integrated building automation?

Most often the professional responsible for your sanitary, electrical, heating, solar or IT solution installs a fully functional but isolated system. The system may work perfectly on its own but there is no interoperability with the surrounding systems in place. Why is that? Often the installer doesn’t have a vat knowledge about external systems, hence he only concentrates on his solution. For example an electrician doesn’t want to interfere with the heating or ventilation system and vice versa.

When specifying the right components and integrating them intelligently, we can achieve results where systems interoperate, thus realizing added value to your investment. Lower operating costs, higher levels of comfort and security, and a more efficient usage of natural resources are only a few values derived from implementing smart living solutions. Modular and intuitive process engineering will allow our smart building solutions to seamlessly integrate future demands into your building (e.g. E-Mobility, Energy Strategy 2050).

By identifying your smart building requirements in the early planning stage, we ensure that current and future requirements are reflected in the overall long-term project plan. Even if you decide to implement certain aspects at a later stage (e.g. efficient energy storage), our smart building services will make sure that the needed preparation work is considered today, with the advantage to integrate at a much lower cost later.

A few samples of a smart building:

We combine the control of electrical exterior blinds with a single room temperature controller and adjust to actual weather conditions (like exterior temperatures and angles of the sunlight). Furthermore we take into consideration the buildings occupancy to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort. By monitoring door & window contacts we not only report on intrusions, the system as well notifies about extensive heat loss due to open windows; and eventually turns down the heating for that section.


We integrate the production of renewable energy with combined energy storage for heating and solar systems. In addition, by measuring and optimizing the overall consumption of appliances and other devices we further optimize the usage to ensure the peak energy is consumed while it is being produced; and of course we won’t forget the needs of your electrical car.


Various types of sensors help to automate processes in a building to make it more intelligent and efficient. Often a single sensor can be used in several applications, take the movement sensor as an example: We can use it to control the light of a room, play music, adjust light settings, use it for alarm purposes, control the circulation pump and humidity in a bath, or define light scenes.