SR’s doctrine of value creation is rooted in the notion that attributing fundamental and equal precedence to economic profit, societal wellbeing, and environmental performance results in top quartile returns, sustained competitive advantages, and balanced impacts. There is no denying the immediate action we must take to transition our way of living and doing business. Our tagline is embedded in our DNA because sustainability infuses all aspects of the Company. Every facet of Sustainable Republic – from our products and services to where we bank – is guided by sustainable indicators and designed into our decision-making.

The ‘Republic’ in Sustainable Republic represents pioneering leadership, executive management, supply chain partners, and a new way of doing business. Leadership resides with the shareholders and executive management but we encourage all team members as well as our business ecosystem to push the innovation envelope. We believe that this is the way to achieve the robust and balanced results required of the 21st Century. Best practices are our standard. Collaboration, unity, and adherence to measurable economic, social, and environmental performance are the building blocks of our work and what cultivates our choices.

SR 2020 Corporate Vision